Fun Enthusiastic Entertainer

Ritchie Lee is a Fun Enthusiastic Entertainer who has been singing and providing entertainment from a very young age.  

Ritchie loves to perform and loves it even more when the crowd are having a good time that set the stage for a future in singing and entertaining which to Ritchie is a dream come true.

He has been singing since before he could walk as he grew up in a very musical household.

Musical Background

His mother was a singer and had the opportunity to sing to the troops in world war II alongside Vera Lynn. Ritchie used to visit care homes with his Mother to hear her sing to the residents and sing a couple himself.

His Father was also musical and although he did not sing, he could play almost any instrument he could pick up.

He also had an Aunt and an Uncle who were in the business and sang in clubs and cabaret shows.

Ritchie Lee became a DJ back in 1992 and is still enjoys spinning the tracks for people to dance to.

Starting Out Full Time

In 2011 Ritchie became a full time entertainer and focused all his efforts in building and entertainment business.  He hoped he would provide his clients with the best they could get, and to incorporate his singing in his shows .

Working with some great entertainment agencies such as Tri-Star Entertainments and recently signed by Vern Allen Entertainers.

Ritchie puts 110% into his performances and provides entertainment in some of the top hotels in the area, with a large number of happy customers from his shows.

about ritchie lee
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