DIY Disco

What is DIY Disco?

DIY Disco brings you a limited DJ set up delivered and set up at your venue.

The set up will include the following:

  • PA System which will allow an IPAD, PHONE, or any other playback device you may have allowing you to play from your own ITUNES, or SPOTIFY playlist.
  • A DJ Booth for the professional look.
  • Lighting and effects to give your party a bit of sparkle.
  • A Microphone for any announcements you may want to make.
  • Fully insured if things go wrong.
  • Full delivery – Setup & Collection Service.

At the end of your party just turn off and go home, and the system will be collected for you.

Why have a DIY Disco?

To get a party really going, the only way really is to have a professional DJ at the decks, but I have listened to customer feedback.

After many years speaking to clients, I have seen a growing need for lower budgets and extensive playlists become more and more part of the DJ scene.

Clients just want their songs played in the order they want without the need for an actual DJ.

No more complaints of not playing your song, or playing the wrong version, or didn’t like the DJ personality.


As this service does not require a DJ to be plying the music, the price is considerably lower than that of a normal function. So with DIY Disco it’s Your Party, Your way. No fuss, no nonsense, just music.

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