Ritchie Lee: Soul & Motown Show

Greatest Soul & Motown Singer in East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Essex

Ritchie Lee is here to show you the greatest Soul and Motown night of your life!

Soul & Motown is Ritchie’s favourite kind of music and he loves to sing it. There is so much life in this type of music and many people enjoy it across all age groups.

The Music

Lets begin with the soul sounds of the decades with The Temptations, The four Tops, The Drifters, Stevie Wonder and some ‘Get On Up’ to James Brown.  You’ll be dancing all night long to the fabulous Lionel Richie.

Move, shuffle and spin your way into the night and enjoy these greatest hits.

As always Ritchie puts maximum effort into all his shows.

You will be astounded by the energy on the night that you will have a hard job not to dance.

One client said that he had not been up on the dance floor for at least ten years, but when he heard Ritchie he just had to get up and dance. So you see it does happen.

Ritchie Lee has been established for a number of years now in Hotels and private bookings but recently has been playing in local pubs and clubs which has boosted his local presence.

If you would like to know more or want to book Ritchie then give him a call on 07824 469 523 or email [email protected].

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